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International Headquarters has announced that Salvation Army web sites worldwide may now solicit credit card donations online by linking to IHQ’s new secure Internet donation form,

An obvious question is, where will the money end up? This new centralized system will provide a safe and secure environment through which online donations from any part of the world can be quickly and safely channeled back to either the donor’s local Salvation Army, or to a specific Army program designated by the donor.

An individual may donate after viewing a web site created anywhere in the world. The site simply links the person to the centralized donation form. The donation is encrypted and then transmitted to the territorial headquarters where the donor lives. Territorial headquarters then processes the credit card transaction, receipts the donor, and moves the funds to the appropriate Salvation Army divisional headquarters.

“I’m excited by the opportunities we have to use new technology to support the ongoing work of the Army,” said Clarence White, territorial information technology secretary. “In true Salvation Army style, we have deployed an international Internet fund raising engine which allows us to provide new options to our donors, while respecting their sovereignty. Few organizations would spend the time and effort required to achieve this level of global accountability. I’m proud that we have that kind of international integrity.”

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