Caring is a magazine from The Salvation Army for people who care about making an impact for good.

Do you ever wish more people realized when we look out for others, we all thrive together?

If so, you’re in the right spot, friend! That’s where we come in.

We give you inspiration and tools for building well-being in the life and soul of your neighbors and family while featuring real-life change happening in communities across the U.S. through The Salvation Army.

With red kettles, thrift shops and a physical presence in nearly every zip code, The Salvation Army assists 24 million Americans a year, meeting needs from hunger to homelessness to filling a specific gap.

We meet human needs without discrimination differently in each community, exactly as that community needs—and have been doing so since 1865.  

Here’s what our readers have to say about us:

“It’s a constant reminder that we all matter and make a difference in others’ lives.”

“It reminds you there are still people in this world who care.”

“It gives me a dose of good each time I read it.”

“I love to see how people find solutions to the unique place God put them in.”

Why We Do What We Do

It’s simple: Good starts with you.

Not because of who you know, the kind of car you drive or your social calendar.

It’s not in your strength, skill or status—the kind of accomplishments you’d place on your resume.

Good starts with you because God created you.
He called you good.
You bear his image.
You’re loved simply because you’re you.

That kind of love prompts action.
And there’s a you-shaped hole in this Fight for Good.
You’re not just here, you’re here to live out a story only you can.

So, come roll up your sleeves with us.
In days filled with chaos and pain, we serve the hurting and helpless.
You can be the reason somebody believes in goodness.
You can make an impact right where you are.

So, what cause best fits your personality?

Take our quiz and discover where you can Do Good today.