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Looking at some exemplars might help us envision what a healthy interplay between media and community can look like. While there are many people I could highlight as models of faithful belonging and redemptive publishing, it would be hard to

Starting at an early age, Joseph Valadez was on a path of violence and substance abuse that eventually led him to heroin addiction. Committing crimes to get money for his next fix, he ended up spending nearly half his adult

The Salvation Army has existed to serve without discrimination since its founding in 1865, and has faithfully kept that tradition of service ever since. Here's a brief overview of The Salvation Army‘s Emergency Disaster Service responses throughout the years. Intro: The Salvation

If you’ve kept an eye on any of the longer-than-usual lead up to the Summer Olympics, you’ve seen some world-class displays in hurdles, dismounts and freestyles And while those competing in Tokyo are impressive, we felt the list of medal-hopefuls was

Caught in the middle of a firefight in Baghdad. His nephew killed by a suicide bomber. His sister dying in his arms.  This is the story of an Iraqi man, born and raised in Baghdad to a Chaldean-Christian family, simply trying

Pedro was introduced to The Salvation Army while living with his sister in Long Beach, California. He soon became a leader at the church, serving the community faithfully for decades. With a firm foundation and a passion for service, Pedro